What a nice ‘infographic’ (click to enlarge). It depicts the best agencies in town by comparing them with different ships. We shouldn’t take it too seriously, the introduction tells us, since it is not science and “therefore absolutely not measurable.” Glad we got that straight. The infographic is quite nicely designed (though the body copy font is a touch too small) and compares TBWA with a tanker; “It’s capable to ship a lot of work at the same time.” BSUR is a powerboat; “It needs space to go fast.” And Tribal DDB a submarine; “Fully equipped with the latest techniques.” Doom & Dickson is compared with a Ferry: “It will safely ship you to your destination, something many marketers still appreciate.” And Red Urban a pleasure yacht “about having fun, not too complicated.” We received this piece anonymously so we cannot hand out any credits. In any case, it seems as if the person or agency behind it could use some extra work – let’s say it’s comparable to the proverbial raft; very crafty, but completely surrendered to the waves of our feeble economy.