Daniel Samama (30), art director at FHV BBDO, created his own typeface called Skinny Marker. Though the name and text above suggest differently, Samama confided to us that the typeface was in fact created with a fat Edding. But since Samama drew the original letters on A3, they do look as if created with a skinny marker. The seed for the typeface was planted when Samama went to Cannes last year as a board member of the Dutch Young Creatives. He designed the type for the phrase ‘Je ne regrette rien’, which was used on the bus, on flyers, and on t-shirts. Samama never created a typeface before and had to learn it on the job. He first scanned the A3 characters (“112 glyphs”), traced them, and made them fit in a pre-conceived typographic grid forcing the different characters to be part of the same family. The most difficult part of the process was dealing with the exceptions that didn’t fit in the grid. He started designing other typefaces, just to see if these exceptions were universal or intrinsically part of Skinny Marker. An interesting process, Samama told us; “You continuously adapt what you’ve created, until you find a balance between forcing elements into your framework and learning from the inevitable anarchists that can’t be forced. Which is not a lot different to creating integrated campaigns, and even to life in general.” You can download Skinny Marker for free here.