As a true film junkie Johan Kramer’s press release that he is joining production agency 100% Halal – after having been represented by 328 Stories – comes in the form of a short film with a man counting down from 328 till 100. The film is dipped in Kramer’s signature style; an awkward, foreigen scene, with dated look. Half a year ago Kramer talked with the three partners at 100% Halal and felt the same kind of  enthusiasm he did when he once founded KesselsKramer. Kramer: “I want to surround myself with people that have the urge to make innovative work. Apart from that I want to spend more time with photography and 100% Halal can help me with that.” Roel Oude Nijhuis, partner at 100% Halal, commenting on Kramer’s film on Facebook: “I’m very excited and proud to welcome legendary director Johan Kramer to the 100% Halal family.