After 18 years of having led production agency 328 Stories – and before that Christel Palace – Christel Hofstee is going freelance. This news surprised us a little, since it was only 2 years ago when Hofstee’s production agency Christel Palace changed into 328 Stories, taking Neil Henry on board as partner. When asked why Hofstee leaves her agency behind, she told us she decided this summer she wanted to work leaner and meaner to not have to worry about a back office and all the other costs that make producing more expensive than it should. The idea to work more efficiently was partly inspired by the current economy. Neil Henry, who came from Wieden+Kennedy when he joined Hofstee, has been working freelance for 72andSunny since the beginning of this year. Hofstee herself will continue with directors Bill Tanaka and Bianca Pilet on a freelance basis.