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Kannes goes to Cannes

November 13, 2012, AAB

This Thursday the branche organisations of both the Dutch ad agencies and advertisers, VEA and BVA, organise the 24 Hours of Advertising. Through a banner we learned that Bill Clinton will be speaking there about ‘How creativity can change the world.’ Interesting – though we knew that already, of course. Part of the 24 Hours of Advertising is the Cannes Reel that will be screened in the evening – a good way to start looking forward to Cannes 2013. We considered going, but judged the entrance fee of €100 for just the Reel (without an after party) a little too much. Fortunately there are other ways to get excited about Cannes. Kannes, for example, a character conceived by the founders of; Roderick Frencken and Geert Ploeger. They bought Kannes, a toy dog that can dance and flip his ears, from a street hawker in Cannes this year and took him to every pool party. They launched a Facebook page and – as this is part of their business – created a casefilm around him. The perfect film to get in the mood for Cannes 2013.

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