And the winners are… Doom & Dickson, Publicis, and Lemz won Gold at Eurobest this year. Our very favourite Hema push-up bra won gold in PR (which should have been Gold for making a sound casefilm, really), and Silver in Promo & Activation. ALS’ ‘I’ve already died’ by Publicis won gold in PR, Silver in Direct, and Bronze in Promo & Activation. The third gold, in Promo & Activation went to KLM Live Reply by Lemz. In Interactive Tribal won Silver for KLM’s ‘Be my guest’ and Volkswagen’s ‘Hitchhike with a like.’ In the same category Achtung! won Silver for the Volkwagen Fanwagen. EuroRSCG (today Havas) won Silver in PR with ‘Save an orchestra‘ for the Dutch Metropole Orchestra. In Film Craft Wieden won bronze for Coca Cola’s Sitelets. The Wieden break-away We Are Pi was awarded with Bronze for the Human Arabesque for TEDx summit in Doha. In Design Arnold won Bronze for its Arnold bike. And, finally, Wieden also got Bronze in Promo & Activation for Live Serenade.