This just blew our mind. What a fantastic idea: The Big Internet Museum, the world’s first museum with a very diverse collection completely dedicated to the internet. The museum has opened its digital doors today and can be visited – as a true online museum – for free, 24 hours a day. The museum displays the web’s most interesting artefacts. And just like a real museum it houses specialised wings – seven in total. Each wing is categorized. For example, there’s the ‘History’ wing, where you can view and read about ARPAnet, the very first form of internet. In the ‘Meme’ wing you can find out more about ‘Chuck Norris’ and ‘Nyan Cat’ (picture). As museums also need to make their own money nowadays, commercial parties can also buy a wing and display their own collection. MediaMonks – who built the whole thing – is the first company to expose their own collection; The History of Flash. What we also very much like about the museum is the fact that the public co-curates the museum; people can submit their own piece and visitors vote whether it should be allowed to be added to the permanent, ever growing collection. The Big Internet Museum is an initiative of Dani Polak (art director, 26), Joep Drummen (copywriter, 36) en Joeri Bakker (accountmanager, 31) – all working at TBWA\Neboko. Congrats, guys, we’re sure this concept will fly very high!