Fltr: Ben Sandler, Judd Caraway (mentor), Cara To, Thomas Payne, Jordi Luna, Ella de Weijer, Jessica Hall, Alvaro Sotomayor (mentor).
Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam is in our opinion the agency of the year here in Amsterdam – and the Netherlands, for that matter. First of all because we love the work they make. Secondly, because they lead the Gunn Report and thus make Amsterdam look very good, internationally. Thirdly, because they are culturally agnostic and hire people from all over the world. Then, also because the agency stimulates and supports employees that do creative stuff outside their job. And finally, as this film shows quite well, they have fun in what they do! The Mother Bucker concept – an electric rodeo disguised as Santa’s lap – comes from Wieden’s in-house agency The Kennedys, which is a class of young talent gaining experience on the job. By the way, another reason why Wieden should be agency of the year; they actually have a training program for young talent. Anyway, Mother Bucker was a challenge to design the agency’s Christmas card, and as you can see the concept (with a contest, a live stream, a lottery, a charity, and what not) got a little out of hand – which is exactly why you want to hire young talent! At the beginning of 2013 another Kennedys class is launched. Recruitment details are available here.