We love this. “To scooter girls, quicker with whatsapp than talking, we’d like to recommend: Snack a Jacks BBQ Paprica. Taste it! Because we’ve done extensive research. That’s how we also found out that girls aged 47, who in their appearance love ‘a little daring,’ love Snack-a-Jacks Caramel best.” There’s also a version with 17-year (‘hairdos’) and 47-year (‘motor-midlife crisis’) old men. The concept immediately reminded us of Exactitudes, the fantastic book by Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek, published in 2002 – check out their website! It’s a book that portrays ‘exactitutes’ – 12 on each page; different individuals that dress and look almost identical, because they belong to the same sub culture or have the same taste. For that matter, Hans Eikelboom did more or less the same with Paris-NewYork-Shanghai in 2007. When we asked Wilbert Leering from Being There whether they were inspired by Versluis and Uyttenbroek, he answered: “Of course, we were. But this really brings things one step further; instead of a static portray these people interact with each other.” About the concept and finding the models: “When an FMCG usually says ‘we have a taste for everyone,’ they usually talk in marketing profiles. We wanted to go more in depth. To find these groups we used casting agencies, street casting, blog research, and our own network. Strangely enough it wasn’t too difficult to find them. And you’d be surprised how little effort it took styling these people identically.” There’s also an online activation to recruit more test panels – the site asks you to make an avatar of yourself, which feels like an anti-climax compared to the greatness of the concept. The film was directed by Herman Poppelaars (First On Mars) and the avatar app by Yes2web.