This installation, promoting Onitsuka Tiger’s new spring/summer collections 2013, was created by Blast Radius, and designed by Tokyo-based NAM, a graphic/art collective that specializes in freezing the movement out of real life scenes. This time NAM has brought to life a series of urban environments into what the press release calls “an exploded state of suspended animation.” It thus translated the Rio Runner, Golden Spark, and Tiger Corsair collection into three different worlds; a donut street stall; a Tokio design studio; and a park. Every prop in each installation is supported by a (purposely) visible wire. Students from the Musahino and Tama Art University assisted in building up the three scenes, which took three 24-hour days. Blast Radius also released a film, leading the viewer seamlessly through the three environments, in which the models are actually moving – accompanied by the electro-pop of the Danish Star Athlete. The ad fits well in Onitsuka’s tradition of building huge real life installations, like Electric Tigerland – a shoe with an entire city inside it – and the Tansu sneaker – a sneaker disguised as a traditional Japanese Tansu closet. This is the first advertising from Blast Radius, the sneaker brand’s new agency since March 2012.