This ad is so over-the-top that it becomes attractive again. It was created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam for the U.S. market. According to the press release the film was based on the insight that in the U.S. “planning and arranging accommodation remains a gamble. U.S. travelers are oversupplied with choice and options and undersupplied with vacation time. Getting it wrong can ruin it entirely.” Though this very much sounds like a universal insight, the form of this commercial makes a sound match with the U.S. market. After all – as we always learn here in Europe – over-the-top lands more easily across the Atlantic. And since most Americans are not too familiar with exotic traveling, a few palm trees here and there should also do the job – and make a great agency outing, for that matter. The film, directed by the LA based filmmaker collective Traktor, was shot in various actual accommodations – by D.O.P. Stéphane Fontaine. Music by MassiveMusic.