We like agencies that make their own stuff. That is, not for a client, but directly for the consumer. That’s what brand new agency Sue Amsterdam did with Salon Désir, a webshop (or “e-commerce platform”) for luxurious lingerie. According to Astrid Groenewegen, partner at Sue – and as columnist on AAB a big advocate for design for excitement, executed ideas, and the importance of porn – the agency is now practicing what it preaches. Sue is all about adding brands to the world that actually make a difference for the consumer. To do just that the platform will even inspire its consumers – “almost like a magazine.” It should also proof that the agency understands the digital age, and it will accordingly deploy a conversion driven strategy that uses all the available analytics – monitored by the other partner Tom de Bruyne – and by constantly adapting the platform to its customers’ needs. Salon Désir should thus be the proof of the pudding for Sue’s raison d’être – to stay in the French mood a little.