Some people joke about the possibilities of their smart phone; “it can do anything, it even makes phone calls.” You can say the same about Samsung’s new Galaxy camera (with built in WiFi and 3G), except that it doesn’t make phone calls. To promote this camera Saatchi Amsterdam claimed the existing hashtag #goedverhaal (‘good story’), based on the insight that an image tells more than a thousand words. So, why not socially share what you’re doing through an image? The best tweets using the hashtag #goedverhaal are translated into an image by the improv comedians of Boom Chicago. Image above: “@GalaxycameraNL My granddad once more beat me up with Wordfeud. I hope there are more like him in Europe. #Goedverhaal” On top of that the best four tweets win a… *tada* … Galaxy camera! Tomorrow and the Thursday after are the last ‘live’ days during which Boom Chicago does its thing. With a live stream on the dedicated website, showing how the images are made – all from one single location.