During the traditional 40-day post-carnival fasting period, creative agency Buutvrij introduces a special service, which starts on 17 February. It is based on soberness; everyone – not just advertisers – can submit a creative challenge and in return the agency gives back a creative solution. What’s special about it is that the client can decide what they think the idea is worth. On an ‘inverted-webshop’ site you can choose what the remuneration should be: an apple pie or maybe – if you’re more satisfied with the idea – the agency’s lunch for one year. Reuben Alexander, partner at Buutvrij: “Where it went wrong with banks causing the financial crisis is that the banks didn’t get a fair pay for their hot air services; they didn’t create real value. This is an anti-movement.” When asked, isn’t this simply a PR stunt, Alexander answers: “Yes, of course, it is too. But we also want to make a statement, a statement that maybe even has the potential to become a movement. For example, we can imagine it to be a returning event or maybe it will even inspire others, outside advertising.” Alexander answers the question ‘what if you get too many challenges?’ with: “A bunch of freelancers has already offered their help on this project – which, for that matter, shows that people simply love the idea of ‘true value creation’ – so we’re confident we’ll manage.” We like the idea so much that we herewith, in writing, would also like to offer our support.