Guus ter Beek, Alwin Lanting, and Pim van Bommel, three graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam used SEO to influence Google’s organic Image search results, thus creating a fictisious ad for Volkswagen. When searching in Images for the “ultimate business car” four Volkswagen images ended on top; a Passat, together with the text “Like. A boss.” Organic instead of paid search. The downside of the concept is the fact that most people probably won’t use ‘ultimate’ when searching for a business car – while getting the same results with just ‘business car’ is much more difficult – and, secondly, organic search results change constantly – the current search result, as depicted above, is “Boss. Like a.” However, even if useless, applying new (or, as in this case, existing) techniques in advertising for the first time always generates exposure. So, whatever you think of this, Ter Beek, Lanting, and Van Bommel have at least handed out their business cards.