The independent Dutch interactive agencies Energize, webpower, and rb2 founded Agency China, a collective offering marcom services to Western brands that are (planning to be) active on the Chinese market. In its press release Agency China proudly announces to have 250 digital marcom professionals in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Bejing, and Xiamen, and on top of that a set of small front offices in Stockholm, Stuttgart, and Barcelona. The board of Agency China consists of Klaas Weima (founder Energize), Jacco Bouw (founder webpower) and Brian Hirman (shareholder rb2). An example of the team’s experience is Nijntje (or ‘Miffy’) visiting China to increase KLM’s brand awareness on the Chinese market. This activation, done by Energize, using predominantly social media, resulted in 4.2 million video views and 89,000 new social media ‘fans’. A smart move, this new agency, cause in the country of the big numbers, everything is possible.