The only resemblance between this film and creative team Jan-Willem de Man (art) & Frenkel Schönfeld (copy) is that they have brown and blond hair respectively and did meet in Nerja, close to Malaga in Spain, around April 2001. Oh, and they are both very fond of Spain. When we asked Schönfeld, did you really have that fight, he answered: “No, but we probably both thought the other was a bit of a douchebag. I had a bleach-blond-fail hairdo and Jan-Willem was a preppy adolescent with a Honda SS50. At that point we couldn’t have imagined ending up working together in advertising.” But they did. And still do. They started as a team at CCCP, working on – among other brands – The Dutch Maritime Museum. For this museum they created a take-over on Dutch news site and filled it with ‘Spanified Dutch news’ to show that the Netherlands would probably still be reigned by Spain, if the Dutch hadn’t sailed the seas in the Golden Age. After 3.5 years CCCP, they joined Taxi in 2012, where they still work.