Chefs, today, are more fashionable than ever. So making a link between fashion and haute cuisine is not that strange. You might think that incorporating drugs in your story – to give yourself some street credibility – might be overdoing it a little. Unless, of course, you’re an Amsterdam based brand. It all started with FreshCotton wanting to avoid the usual Spring Collection ‘Lookbook’ and asking Arnold Amsterdam to cause some good old rumor around the brand. After all, it was Arnold who raised quite a few eyebrows for fashion brand Stüssy with their naughty ‘Strip for Likes’ activation. This time Arnold came up with the heavily-tattooed Misha Sukyas, who uses every street-legal drug you can imagine in his exquisite dishes especially made for FreshCotton, and giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘fusion,’ for that matter. The YouTube films, shown on this website (built by Cartelle), were executed by director Doug Hancock (Darlings). There is also a ‘making of’ – which looks more like a teaser.