Last Thursday the SpinAwards were awarded to the most digital clients, agencies, and ideas. Achtung! was the big winner with one Gold (Das Interland for Volkswagen) and three Silver (‘Tour dus Sofa’ for Skoda – an interactive game around the Tour de France). On top of that Achtung! became agency of the year – for the third time. KLM also won one Gold (Meet & Seat by Tribal DDB) and three Silver (Meet & Seat and Must see map by Code d’Azur), and became client of the year. Apart from these winners, our favourite cases were: Tweetphony (create your own 140-character symphony) by Havas – two Silvers – and the Twitter-directed film Under Control by Woedend!, winning Gold and Silver. Both ideas are simple, but at the same time quite innovative, using Twitter in a smart and unorthodox way. Finally, we were charmed by FHV BBDO’s Holland’s Next Octopus Paul, winning Silver. You can find the complete list here.