Yet another aspiring concept by KLM, Tribal DDB, and sister agency RAPP. On April 22nd KLM will launch a high altitude balloon in the Nevada Desert, equipped with a camera and GPS-tracker to stream the real time data of the flight to a website, so that the balloon’s progress can be followed. As we’ve all learned from the idea that probably inspired this concept (a dad and son sending an iPhone towards space) the balloon will pop at some point – not in space, actually, but quite far away from it. On the website you can predict where it’ll pop – both the height and the position on the map. The winner will win a flight into space. Simple as that. Once you’ve chosen a spot in space, you can increase it, and thus the chance of winning, by asking friends to endorse you – read: spread the idea through social media. The idea is not just great in its simplicity, but also shows how a crafty execution can really make an idea; the visuals, interaction design, and sound turn it into an extremely attractive experience. Produced by Media Monks and the sound was done by MassiveMusic, Kaiser Sound Studios, and Media Monks.