Garofalo Pasta is an Italian pasta brand trying to set foot on the American continent. Together with 72andSunny the brand has created this ad character Lele (or “brand ambassador” as the press release calls him); an Italian chef from Napoli. This film shows what he did to literally get a foot in the door – before sleeping on people’s couch. There’s also a Facebook page following Lele’s experience and asking New Yorkers to invite Lele to their house to cook – two lucky winners will receive an evening with Lele, the rest a free bag of pasta. Though Lele comes across a little hyper (if not annoying), an interesting aspect of the concept is that it shows how brands more and more try to integrate their stories into blogs and social media to get their message across in more subtle and natural ways. Especially for an authentic Italian pasta brand, this ‘natural’ media strategy seems well chosen. The film was directed by Victor Quinaz and produced by Drewstone (NY).