It seems that this campaign, created by Achtung! for Stop Aids Now!, is primarily targeted at men. Through the dedicated ‘Staring is caring’ website, you can check out three sexy women – from the back. You start at their feet and can slowly scroll up – instead of down. The models are Olcay Gulsen (“sexiest woman in Holland” – FHM), Tess Milne, and Anna Nooshin. When you’re halfway you need to share the campaign on Facebook to be able to go further. Usually we don’t like Facebook bribing, but for a charity we’ll set aside our principles. Too bad, by the way, that all three women are wearing a skirt. Then again, the skirt is made by SuperTrash and can be bought for €30 to support Stop Aids Now! Hopefully the women that should buy it are staring too at this sexy ad. The director and photographer is Bill Tanaka and the site was developed by Superhero Cheesecake.