Amp.Amsterdam’s founders (fltr): Joost Haartsen, Dagmar Heijmans, and Simon de Koning (Photo by Torben Raun)

An interesting new business model in the ad landscape; Amp.Amsterdam. The unique selling point of this new music agency is that is has partnered with Universal Music, the biggest music company in the world, to create a direct line between brands and artists. Amp.Amsterdam: “Within a few calls we can check interest and strike deals with artists such as Coldplay or The xx. This enables us to move fast and collaborate directly.” The agency is founded by Joost Haartsen, a long time veteran in the music world as a marketeer, songwriter and performing artist, Dagmar Heijmans, co-founder of Sellaband, and Simon de Koning, coming from Soundscape and thus an ad industry insider. Amp.Amsterdam is opening its doors in Amsterdam on Keizersgracht 125.