There are some activities that are still frowned upon; like going the movies alone, having a drink on your own or eating alone in public. Dutch social-design agency Marina van Goor and branding agency Vandejong joined together to break at least one of these social taboos by launching Eenmaal (in Dutch meaning both “one meal” and “one time”): the first one-person restaurant in the world, located on Bos en Lommerweg 361. The pop-up restaurant is essentially a normal restaurant, except for only seating one person per table. At Eenmaal “you are your own company.” Hopefully the place will not attract only singles, cause then, before you know it, people start moving chairs and tables and the concept falls apart. Vandejong developed this concept to give people “food for thought“, as Pjotr de Jong, creative director at Vandejong puts it: “Eenmaal is a brand that is at the heart of today’s society – we wanted to demonstrate that eating in solitude can be a good thing”. The restaurant will only be open to the public on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of June, so be quick to reserve! Though at least you don’t have to synchronize your agenda with your mates’.