Havas Worldwide Amsterdam has appointed Rodger Beekman as their new creative leader – Chief Creative Officer, as they officially call it. The past years Beekman worked for the international collaborative agency, 60 Layers of Cake, of which he also was the founder. Before that Beekman worked as a CD for FVH/BBDO and BSUR, and also for DDB, TBWA and Y&R. When in Moscow recently Beekman for the first time worked with Havas and learned about the collaborative character of the Havas network. And since he is all about collaborative creativity a deal to work for them permanently was quickly made. According to Rob van Beek, CEO Havas; “Beekman is the Powerhouse we were looking for. He always comes up with new ideas; never the same, distinctive and effective.” Beekman will also be part of the management.