We recently read that smoking roll up cigarets is hip again. Roll ups always were the blue collar cigarette, but since the economic crisis is still omnipresent and the government keeps increasing the tobacco taxes, roll ups have suddenly become interesting for a much wider target group again. That’s probably why Mascotte, one of the most famous brands in the Netherlands for roll up papers, has begun to climb out of its cave. And how! Together with SSSS & Orchestra and Easy4Mobile they created a mobile game, the Mascotte Break Service, a ‘service’ that lasts for about a cigarette break – obviously to charge our unconscious brain with the Pavlovian association ‘Break=Mascotte.’ The Pacman-like game features a roll up smoker that is chased by his boss or a train conductor, because he is smoking in a non-smoking area. The player unlocking the most levels, can win a golden Zippo. So, to summarize things; the more breaks you take, the more often you can play the game, the more you can smoke, the more tax-money the government earns, and the bigger the chance you’ll win a prize! With this game everyone wins – except for your lungs, of course.