Since July there’s a new agency in town; Nomads. It was born out of yet another clash within Strawberry Frog – the first one happened in 2008, and created the break away Amsterdam Worldwide. Me Studio was asked to develop the visual identity for Nomads, with a tight deadline of just 4 weeks. Martin Pyper, founder of Me Studio, told us there were only two givens, the name and typeface; it had to be ‘gotham.’ Fortunately Pyper could easily embrace both mandatories, and after several brainstorms with the agency, the team decided to go for ‘tribal markings’ as the creative route. They also decided to go for a consistent ‘attitude,’ rather than a consistent ‘look,’ resulting in a simple yet dynamic logo, with many variations in shape and colour. The identity as a whole also became versatile, being customized to all employees; everyone received his/her own symbols and colours, to be used for the business cards, letterheads, and posters. The identity has thus resulted in a fresh and indeed dynamic identity, with a clear touch of Dutch Design – more impressions here. A strong start for Nomads.