This ad for Turkish Airlines with Messi and all the other FC Barcelona stars….oh wait, we mean Qatar Airways, of course. Forgive us the mistake, but half a year ago Messi was on a plane competing with Kobe to win the charm of a kid for Turkish Airlines – apparently no exclusivity was claimed… Then again, Messi is featured in every other commercial that flirts with football. And since this one revolves around FC Barcelona, Qatar Airways couldn’t really go around him. The big difference however is the production value – this must have cost a few barrels of oil! But quite an attractive idea as well, to turn the FC Barcelona shield into a country – with towns called Tika and Taka, and a policemen that draws a yellow card for speeding. It was created by 180 Amsterdam, directed by Nick Gordon, and produced by Somesuch & Co. The abundant visual enhancements were done by MPC and the auditory ones by Wave Amsterdam.