A typical Achtung! concept, integrating on and offline in a playful way – and digital concept of the year, if you ask us. With this “Bannerbahn” the agency brings digital to the streets, or the streets to digital – depending on how you look at it. To introduce the new Volkswagen GTI Achtung! painted the websites of  Nu, Telegraaf, Autoweek, and GeenStijl on tarmac and subsequently brought in a Stig-like character to frantically race a GTI through the banner spaces, while being filmed from the top with drones. With the exact right measurements these ‘banners’ will be uploaded on the respective websites at noon and 4pm on Friday the 13th. The readers can click the car –  as quickly as possible – and the fastest clicker gets the car. It is not the first time that Achtung! creates an on/offline race; in 2011 it organised a race between Jens Button, on tarmac, and a digital opponent, in a simulator, for Vodafone. This Bannerbahn however transports the race to a digital environment, and allows everyone to participate. It goes without saying that the execution must have been quite a hassle – here is a making of (in Dutch) that shows more or less how it was done. To realise this creative feat Achtung! teamed up with Kwasten met de gasten (paint job), Thispagecannotbefound and Adrime (digital), director Lee Ford (known for directing TopGear), Deane Thrussel (D.O.P.), Munky London and Storm Amsterdam (3D and Post), and Stable TV for the teaser – featuring copywriter Joep Drummen, for that matter.