Fltr: Demian La Vigne, Gert Jan Guldemond, Desmond Lissone, Hans Corssmit

We hope that this photo doesn’t reflect the importance of account versus creativity in the brand new agency Curiosity. The media neutral, digital agency (which sounds a little contradictory) was founded by Desmond Lissone, Demian La Vigne (both ex senior creatives at Red Urban), Gert Jan Guldemond (founder and MD Selmore Lynx, DraftFCB) and Hans Corssmit (former CSD Selmore Lynx), combining years of creative and strategic experience. The agency aims to bring longterm relationships between consumers and brands to the next level. Creative director Desmond Lissone: “If you want to remain successful as a brand, you have to go to the core of your identity to build a substantial, mutual relationship. This relationship can only hold when it remains honest and exciting.” No word of Spanish in that one. The creative start up is part of innovation expert Joris van Heukelom’s Makerstreet, to which Resoluut, Soda Studio, Techtribe and Touchtribe also belong.