The jury and shortlist for Volkskrant’s Creative Press Challenge has been announced. The jury will consist of Chris Buur (de Volkskrant), Leon Willems (Free Press Unlimited), Alvaro Sotomayor (W+K Amsterdam), Andre Matarazzo (Sid Lee) and David Snellenberg (Dawn). Philippe Remarque, editor in chief of de Volkskrant, has invited the ECD’s of 40 (best?) agencies to select a talented creative team to participate. The shortlisted agencies can now register online – failing to do so will create a wildcard for another agency. On the 3rd of October there will be a kick-off ‘borrel’ at ADCN. Entries can be submitted as from then – up and until October 23rd. In November the jury will choose a winner and in December it will be published, together with an interview in de Volkskrant.