Xavi’s Lab is Glassworks’ fully committed Special Projects division which takes on projects that fall outside the traditional post-production and digital services. Xavi’s Lab was set up by Xavi Tribo in 2011 and uses the agencies collected experience to create pieces that can fill technical requirements for shoots, installations for experiential platforms, or simply provide inspiration and fun for overworked creative brains. Xavi’s Lab latest project is CubePix. The fully interactive and real-time 4D projection mapping package was conceived and developed by Xavi himself. Combining a projector, a Microsoft Kinect, 8 Arduino boards, 64 servo motors, 64 cardboard boxes and ‘simple’ human brainpower. CubePix was invited to be a standalone exhibit at this year’s Sónar Festival, Barcelona’s International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art and was also selected to participate in the Bloop Festival in Ibiza. CubePix will be located in Amsterdam for the next couple of months. To arrange a visit or find out more about Xavi’s Lab you can get in touch with Glassworks.