Last week creative agency Vandejong hosted a RA*W night. RA*W isn’t a mistyped jeans brand, nor a butcher, as you might be inclined to think. It is a platform for young strategists and account managers that want to learn from the industry and each other. The theme this time was ‘Agency for the future’ and consisted of the members writing a manifesto about how agencies should change and be ready for “the future.” In fact, the manifesto is not really about the future, it’s more about the ideal agency. It says things like: “We demand transparency and flexibility,” “We tell stories that resonate, and beg to be retold,” and “We believe in making the best, no concessions.” We do too. The only problem is that these marketing bitches – also called clients – always have this commercial agenda that tends to kill manifestos like this. Anyway, nice initiative.