Wow, what a great ad to promote the G2, LG’s newest mobile phone, with a stable lens. The camera is built around the chicken’s amazing ability to keep its head steady when its body moves – the “vestibulo-ocular reflex,” as we learned from the press release. We already knew that LG likes virals. Previously we wrote about one with the bottom of an elevator falling out (18 million hits in 3 months) and one with a ‘window’ in the man’s restroom (2 million in less than a week). This time LG is not trying to fool us though; they created a proper piece of satire that made us laugh out loud. And how well executed! Well done, Superheroes. The agency teamed up with Korean agency Krema and production agency Czar. The film is directed by Willem Gerritsen – who we know from the most classic viral ever; Hi-Tech – and shot by Gabor Deak. Post by The Bakery and Fred Huergo. Sound by MassiveMusic.