What an impressive production for Geox; someone testing their different shoes, in different circumstances, for 7 days in the (artificial) rain. Quite different from last year’s commercial, when Oslo based agency SMFB sent a photographer to the wettest place on earth, Cherrapunjee, India, to share her experience wearing Geox’ Amphibiox. Despite the Golden Lion it won in Cannes, Geox was probably not entirely happy with the result, since this time they took a completely different approach. We understand, of course, the switch to the concrete jungle of Barcelona to show that Geox is an urban shoe. We were a little surprised though that the tone of voice has so radically changed; from quite authentic to a playful, quasi-real-life film. Maybe last year’s result was a little highbrow for the average Geox consumer. This way it more clearly looks like advertising. And, now we think of it, maybe that works more effectively. In any case, the message is loud and clear again  – in fact, even louder than last year. The entire ‘experiment’ was directed by Rogier Schalken and Tom Rijpert, shot by Menno Mans, and produced by MediaMonks.