Crafty stuff, this website (in Dutch) – dubbed “The Big Interview” – for one of the biggest law firms in the Netherlands; Houthoff Buruma. It’s a virtual (static) world where you can prepare for a job interview at the “Big 7.” Each firm has its own building and by zooming in, you can discover how you compile a CV, dress smartly, act in an interview, etc. One thing we don’t really get is why Houthoff is doing this. First of all, if you educate students too much about interviews they might fake it into your firm. Secondly, these guys are helping their competitors as well – so the effect evens out. We know, it’s also about making the Houthoff brand more attractive. Then again, the only brand that really adds something to this site is Talent First, the recruiter that explains in a bunch of YouTube films how to prepare. So, strategically maybe a bit wobbly, but as a concept quite impressive. It comes from a collaboration between Ruby’s Glue, Taco Zuidema (art), Huib Maaskant (copy), and Maarten Versteege (artwork). The site was built “tablet-first” in HTML5 by Thispagecannotbefound.