Reinier Steures and Rik Eysink Smeets practicing their skills in consulting and drinking beer.

Respect! That’s what we thought when we saw an advertisement in Holland’s leading Financial Newspaper FD, featuring a letter by Reinier Steures (strategist at Delight and co-founder of RA*W) and Rik Eysink Smeets (retail consultant), explaining their new concept Café De Zaak (‘Bar Business’). The letter starts with: “Don’t worry, we don’t want to sell you anything.” On the contrary, these guys give away free advice to small enterprises. In a bar, for one hour per client. The advertisement was paid for by BNR (Business News Radio – who will make a program out of it) and the beer by Heineken. Simple as that. “Why?” everybody asks them – including ourselves. Well, first of all because they like to gain experience in giving business advice, which, according to Steures, is so much more practical than giving advertising advice. Steures: “We’re not going to give them a slogan, but try to find the core of their problem.” Secondly, because they want to help the economy recover by getting small businesses back on track. Wait, we hear you think, that sounds like Buutvrij, working for free this summer. “A little,” says Steures, “but we started this project already a year ago. Besides, we’re not looking for new clients. It is really about the experience.” Well, an experience it will be; the ad already created a waiting list.