As you probably know by now Kokoro is the winner of Amsterdam’s New Kids on the Block Award 2013, organized by Conclusion and Fonk. The agency won 300 (!) outdoor spots to advertise their brand. It has therefore asked designers, illustrators, artists and writers to design something that uses the shape of Kokoro’s heart as a core element – Kokoro means heart in Japanese – and that asks people to follow their heart. Merlijn van Vliet: “People have dreams and wishes they postpone for whatever reasons. And that is a real pity! Just like Steve Jobs once said: There is no reason not to follow your heart. That is the briefing; create an ad that urges people to follow their heart.” The winners will be displayed around town in bus and tram shelters and will also be featured in an online exposition. If you want to be a part of ‘Heartvertising,’ you can get in touch with Kokoro here.