A 7-minute film that teaches you how to hack €100K from people’s bank accounts in 5 steps, was dropped online last week. Though it looked quite real, it was a hoax created by production company Wefilm for Digibewust (‘digit-conscious’) to show people they should be careful with their bank account information. Wefilm worked together with specialists to make the tutorial as credible as possible. When the film was revealed as a hoax, two days after its launch, most of the major newspapers and some TV channels gave it attention. Mission accomplished. It is probably no coincidence that Wefilm also created a very successful viral (in 2009) in which Eastern European mafia used data from people’s social media account (back then, Hyves was still the biggest social network) illegally. Wefilm did it again, only better this time. Directed by Martijn de Jong and shot by Tibor Dingelstad.