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That is, this news is good news for Luuk van de Put and Jurre van de Ven (Alfred), since they won the Creative Press Challenge (click image for full version). The idea behind the challenge was to show that bad ideas can’t hide in print – and vice versa – and the briefing was to make an ad for Free Press Unlimited – an organization that supports journalists in countries where there’s hardly any press freedom and thus no access to reliable information.

The jury, consisting of Leon Willems (CEO Free Press Unlimited), Chris Buur (chef ‘V’ de Volkskrant), André Matarazzo (ECD Sid Lee), Alvaro Sotomayor (CD W+K) and David Snellenberg (Copywriter Dawn) chose this winner from 50 entries – all presented as a sketch to the jury. During yesterday’s Cannes Lions Show (24 hours of advertising) this one was revealed as the winner. The print ad will be featured in de Volkskrant and entered into the Cannes Lions competition.

Some quotes from the jury report: “The saying ‘no news is good news’ is turned around smartly and it makes the core mission of Free Press Unlimited tangible in an outstanding way.” (Willems) “There’s something terribly catchy in this tiny variation of a well-known saying, and these five words are a spot on description of what gives Free Press Unlimited its urgency.” (Buur) “Arresting visually, stopping at an almost empty page in a crowded newspaper.” (Matarazzo) “The winner is, as always, the simplest idea. The stopping power is key.” (Snellenberg)

The other participants who made the top 5 were: Huub Haarhuis and Matthijs Vrooijink (Havas Worldwide), Wesley Visseren and Vincent Beijersbergen (Etcetera), Kai Nobbe and Rick van de Ven (Red Urban) and sharing the 5th place Joost van der Schoot, Marten Meijboom (The Oddshop), Bas Derks and Rob Voortman (Ogilvy). Congrats to all.