Our very first Talent of the month Daniel Disselkoen just made his way into Amsterdam’s advertising world: he joined THEY as creative team together with Barbara Putman Cramer. The past year both spent on individual entrepreneurial and client-based projects. Disselkoen, who studied Law and Philosophy before graduating from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, together with a team of programmers, designed and developed Cucalu, a photography game that invites you to stretch your creativity by looking at the ordinary with a new perspective. Putman Cramer graduated in Communications and Industrial Ecology at the TU Delft and started as educator at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. As a copywriter, she helped turn restaurant SLA (a salad restaurant) into Amsterdam’s talk-of-the-town. Now both have set up their desks at THEY: “We like how THEY treat the entire agency as one team, not shying away from giving creatives serious responsibilities.” Both continue to work on their own projects in after-office hours: besides Cucalu, Disselkoen works on a commissioned installation for the Dutch Parliament, while Putman Cramer continues her work in the field of food.