We already spotted Manuel Ferrari, who is animation director at post production house The Ambassadors, a while ago when the films he did for Part of a Bigger Plan impressed us – this film, for example. Last month he impressed us again with the ‘Mini-auctions’ film that he created together with Kingsday. When Ferrari finished the storyboard, he only had 3 weeks to make everything; from design to directing and animating the film. We asked him three questions about the process.

Did you get a lot of freedom in the brief?
Yes. I believe the quality of what we make is often better when we get a starting point of creative freedom. On top of that the time pressure forced me into the creative solutions – which was great.

How did the process go?
I spent one week gathering ideas and storyboarding with Kingsday. Then three weeks for the design, animation and production of the film. It needed a quick turnaround which is why we made the decision that I should handle everything.

Any other project you’re working on that we probably want to feature on AAB once it’s out?
I have a few personal projects on the go like my new project with Part of a Bigger Plan in the pipeline for January. I’m also experimenting with an idea that was inspired from the Mini job on the side and I’m in the process of writing a script for a short film I want to make, and hopefully get funding for.