Floris Hülsmann and Joris van Elk receive first ADCN 2013 yearbook and iPad app

Last week the Art Directors Club Nederland presented its yearbook for advertising and design. Besides the fact that it was beautifully designed, this year’s book is very special since it is for the first time accessible through an iPad app. What was unique about the book too, is that it’s usually hard to find people who want to make it, since it’s a hell of job. But ADCN chairman Lode Schaeffer enthusiastically told the crowd in the ADCN clubhouse that this time he was approached by FHV BBDO team Joris van Elk and Floris Hülsmann who told Lode they felt a strong urge to make this year’s book. With the theme ‘Monnikenwerk’ (Sisyphean task) Van Elk and Hülsmann wanted to celebrate the fanaticism and determination that can make the difference in advertising.

The duo substantiated the theme by asking creative talent from across the industry to create the different chapters by putting in a great amount of detail and craftsmanship in their illustrations. The result is fantastic. And what makes these illustrations extra special is that they animate in the app. Lode Schaeffer: “Again we could underline our mission to turn the Netherlands into one creative agency and promote our great work abroad. The app makes it possible to show our work everywhere and have it seen by everyone.” Poppe van Pelt and Diederick Hillenius were added to the gallery of honorable members. Schaeffer – who himself was already a honorable member quite early in his career – admitted on stage that he found the two “always positively annoying, because so successful, so that no other team deserves it more to be added to the gallery.”  You can order your copy of the ADCN yearbook online / download the app – there is also an English version available.