In 1888 George Safford Parker literally wrote history with an innovation which was deemed impossible at the time: a pen which did not leak ink. To celebrate 125 years of Parker pens Artbox, commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi Geneva, created a key visual which summarizes the history and craftsmanship of the company in one single image.  The pen itself (click image for larger version) illustrates a timeline: on the left, around 1890, the pen is still in its framework. It also serves as workplace for different figures: engineers, office workers and in the end (present time) also scientists. Along with the pen also the staff becomes more modern (in appearance and methods of working) – in the meantime Mr. Parker himself can be seen looking into the future with a telescope. The small people were created by photographing real people, dressed in historical work clothing, and the images were manipulated afterwards. Then all the different elements – pack-shot, 3D construction, figures – were digitally merged into one. A nice piece of craftsmanship, just like the famous pen.