Peter Hamelinck (left) and Thijs de Boer have become ECD at Y&R Amsterdam – together with CEO Sjoerd van Loon they will form the Board. Two years ago Hamelinck made a move to G-Star, after being a team with De Boer at Havas Worldwide (back then EuroRSCG). At Havas the team impressed us – and the international awards shows – with their Tweephony. While Hamelinck was at G-Star De Boer lead GreyPossible Benelux – a merger between Grey Amsterdam/Brussels and Possible. Back then we wondered whether Hamelinck would be able to “add some concept to the world of fashion.” Was he able to? Hamelinck: “To a certain extent. At G-Star I was responsible for all communications, global advertising, online communication, retail communication and retail design. The campaigns I lead started, more than ever, with a (design) insight – clearly surpassing the level of ‘clothing with logo’ photography (e.g. Anton Corbijn’s work). Having said that, it’s extremely difficult to make conceptual work for a global fashion brand with seasons that follow each other so quickly. The whimsical character of the business makes it charming, but difficult at the same time. All in all it was a unique experience. With a ton of experience I look forward to reunite with my old creative team mate Thijs de Boer. It is the fun we always experienced when working together that made our work successful. I missed that at G-Star” De Boer about his time at Grey: “At Grey I worked with good people, but the agency didn’t fit me.” What attracts him in Y&R? “The drive of the agency and down to earthness of Sjoerd van Loon. In the past years we’ve heard an awful lot of complicated talks about our industry, but we simply look forward to creating stuff again.” Sounds like Y&R hired a couple winners.