James Oliver and Hans Howarth

Creative innovation agency Nomads, which opened its doors last summer, has acquired search engine and social optimisation agency Shake Interactive. With the purchase Nomads not only adds optimisation capabilities to its skills, but also continues to grow globally: the agency already has offices in Amsterdam, Singapore and Dubai and can now add Shake’s London, Edinburgh and Cape Town offices to its list. Shake CEO James Oliver will now take on the role of global COO at Nomads. Hans Howarth, Nomads CEO and founder: “The Shake deal is part of Nomads’ ambitious growth strategy, which is considered, structured and sustainable.” Nomads is a merger of the former management of StrawberryFrog Amsterdam and MediaCatalyst and has opened its doors in July 2013. Speaking of which, in the meantime the StrawberryFrog staff that hasn’t moved to Nomads is now starting legal proceedings against its holding company Apco Worldwide for failing to pay their wages in accordance with Dutch law – the court case is scheduled on January 21st. To be continued.