Nowadays the ‘making of’ is most of the time more enticing than the commercial itself. The reason is that craftsmanship is the new mass production, and to see a craftsman at work is more interesting than seeing a brand at work. The Circle of Cheese is in itself a pretty good commercial, but when we listen to the innocent rhymy child’s voice, we quickly wonder whether it’s true that proteins, minerals, and even vitamins are so important in cheese, helping “to assist your resistance to function properly.” Now that is the brand at work. When you see the craftsmen at work, you appreciate all the effort The Dutch Pay Off and NotJustAnotherTeam (concept), Cas Prins (direction), PlusOne and Shoq Studio (production), and Audentity (sound) put into this. That’s when you think; they could have done this entirely in animation, but they actually got their hands greasy!