Last Thursday we attended the 11th edition of X-Pollination. The event, held twice a year, brings together creative professionals to – as the name suggests – cross-pollinate the industry. This edition was hosted by Random Studio at their recently redesigned office in West. When entering the office the first thing we noticed was the strong garlic smell. Fortunately, though, everyone was feasting away on the deliciously homemade snacks, which made talking to each other less awkward. Then our attention was drawn to all the plants in the office. When we asked Random’s MD Daan Lucas how they keep their ‘micro-jungle’ alive he pointed at the intern. After inquiring about the health of two obviously dying plants, Lucas gave the intern a 10 minute lecture on sunlight, water, Pokon, tender love and plant-care. Back to the human cross-fertilization; throughout the studio physical interactive installations with a digital core element were displayed, which sparked the conversations. One of the installations was a huge papier-mâché head that displayed headshots of the guests. “Everyone’s face on the same head is how we imagined X-Pollination,” explained Lucas. Wouter Boon, founder of X-Pollination, was pretty content with this edition: “I started this event in 2008 to connect the different people and disciplines in our creative industry. So when I see the different species here getting tipsy, freely mingling, and maybe even professionally mating at the end, I am happy.” And people did get tipsy; the event was sponsored by Warsteiner and Jameson so there was plenty of booz. Check out the photos here.