To celebrate its 15 year anniversary XXS’ invite promised us “a pop-up club like you’ve never seen before.” If you knew how to get there. The Constellation Building, in which XXS resides, is not Amsterdam’s hottest club, but an office building in Schiphol Oost… A rainy 45 minute bicycle ride away. But once in, it felt like a warm bath; XXS had thought of everything to entertain its 400+ guests. Champagne on entrance, steamy cocktails, giant bowls of dip, confetti, and a great performance by Kraak & Smaak, all made the trip more than worth it. Although roughly 50% of the crowd existed out of Suits and every once in a while one would drift onto the dance floor taking up too much space with uncoordinated dance moves, we had a blast! XXS clearly gave it their all to make up for the location. We especially appreciated the fries with mayonnaise and shuttle taxi busses back into the city. At the end we also received a copy of their new book Vlinder in de boxring (“Butterfly in the Box ring”), on 15 years of Dutch challenger advertising – XXS’ speciality. It easily kept us occupied on our way home. A few more parties like this and they can change their name into XXL. Here some pictures of the party. Photo credits: De Fotomeisjes.