The One Hour Agency develops business ideas within 60 minutes. It is an initiative of eight young creatives (Jacob Eriksson, Ben Langeveld, Michele Zazzara, Kali Adams, Ingmar Larsen, Sascha Jespersen, Calle Enström and Anja Bergman), all with a Hyper Island background. Though not the first Hyper Island team to initiate such an idea – in September we wrote about the Pop Up Agency – the One Hour Agency does not travel around the world, but is based in Stockholm. The team wants to solve as many problems as possible, within a limited amount of time, to develop a network. They also want to inspire organizations and be fully transparent about how they work. Though we all know that it can be tough to come up with great ideas in 60 minutes, the One Hour Agency promises “quality ideas.” Before the agency opened its office last December, two agency members tested the idea in New York by working with agencies such as Your Majesty, Sid Lee and WolffOlins. “People thought we were crazy, but they liked it.